Aug 26, 2009

Old SkooL!

Yesterday, as i was cleaning the book shelf in my room, i found an old album. i opened it and guess what i've found? an old pictures of me when i was in Puteri Wilayah (SMPW),and Convent Sentul (SMCS). Since that i found something that is quite precious to me, then decided to scan it for my friends view.

This is when i was in SMPW. class 1 jaya.. hehehe.. i didn't really remember some of their names but thanks to friends who did some tagging of other people in this pic. hehehe..

and this was taken when i was in SMCS, class of 3 Dahlia. hehehe.. Gosh! i looked so naive.. hehehe

4A1 & 5A1.. erm.. i reckon i missed me friends so much! 

Aug 25, 2009

Look at me!

Pictures was taken on the first day of Ramadhan. She just love it when someone took her pictures. kelakar sangat bila tgk this pictures.. kena buli dgn Aunt & Uncle dia.. hahaha..

Aug 24, 2009

It's Rai's First Birthday!

Can't believe that My baby is 1 year old now! Well to make it short, i decided to have her birthday party @ Mc donald. Though she's still kiddo, but i just wanna have the party outside. Surprisingly lots of people came on that day. Not just my families but me friends too.. Man, i missed you all so much! can't believe that time flies so fast and now all of us have our own kid(s). For those who came, thank you so much guyz! I had a great time though didn't have much time to entertain u guyz.. Well, why waste time.. Here are some of the pictures that I've gathered into 1. For those who wanna see more pictures, you guyz can see it in me facebook ok! cheers peeps!

This is the invitation card for the birthday party! cute rite? and thanks to Uncle Megat K for your designing it!

For those who are invited only! hehehe..

Pictures of the event! My cutey Rai with her Lovey Dovey Aunt.

Some of me friends who came on that day!

Aug 4, 2009

My new life with my precious, Raieysah!

Everybody says that blog is the place where you can write anything or everything about your life or perhaps it could be anything including selling stuff online. But I choose to write about me life.

Well, I just don't know where to start and how to start but all I can say here is that my life has totally changed right after I gave birth to my precious. Anyway, A year has past, and now she grows as a cutey lil girl named Nur Raieysah Audadie. Below is the picture of her taken right after i gave birth to her. Fresh from oven!

And these are some the pictures of her over a year of her life...

Now you see, now you don't! hehehe.. a pictures of her b4 and after shaved.. erm.. I reckon it looks the same..

A video of her when "ane" shaved her head.. so damn cute..

Below is the picture of my lovey dovey cat, named Melly a.k.a. Chomel. It looks really cute. Now my Rai in love with Melly and have been chasing Melly whenever she passed by.

Thank god I've made it myself at last.. (meniarap) :-)

These are taken when we were at Lumut (umah Alang)..

First time swimming lesson with her Grandpa.. she loves it..

I just can't stop smilling when the time i uploaded her pictures. She seems so cheeky all the time. Just take a look at this pictures then you will know what I meant by..

The moment she talks and whindging..

And these are taken on her Nanny's (nenek) birthday..

Some of the best shots I've taken..

Trip to Frazer's Hill..

There goes a year of My Rai's life.. Though it's tough, I'm glad I've made it through. I'm just hoping that she will always healthy and grow as a sweetest, funny and happy baby girl.. Ibu just wants the best for your life.. and you will always be my baby! :-) I love you.. Here are some of pictures of Us.. Only both of us.. happy surfing fellas.. cheers...

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