Mar 30, 2010

What? Really? Alhamdulillah...

It's such a long time i haven't update me blog! Erm.. Few things in my life happened lately are damn givin me headache. one by one appears to be tough enuff for me! thought i didn't get it, but Alhamdulillah, i got it at last! one call really surprised me. can't believe it but as soon as it is confirmed, i cried! Really thankful to Allah! and me parent for supporting me all thru ma life! ermm.. "rezeki anak" org kata kan... it's true.. i just have to wait! masing2 ada rezeki masing2..

Oh well.. and now! i'm a staff of KFB! Will definitely do ma best! i am so glad, and damn glad that the position is permanent! the moment that i've been waiting for!!! previously, working a year without an EPF is like living in fears. yer la.. some more am a single mother.. whatever it is, i do now believe that the statement of "what goes around comes around!" is true. i just have to wait for the right time!

No more messing around after this.. since it's something that i really want it in ma life now! no more fears and no more kipas2 bontot org! haha.. idup hipokrit mmg menyakitkan ati.. i've never come accross that kindda sucks organisation before! worst!!! worst ever in ma life! professional sgt laa tu konon!! haha. Oh no! i can't say those kind of things here is it? oh well.. who cares.. it's me blog anyway! i'm FREE to express whatever i've felt now! lantak la org nak kata aku jahat ke pas ni.. cakap laa.. mulut org susah nak tutup kan! adat laa tu..

nyway, one step further is done! another is going to be done soon! can't wait for it! whoever wants to know what it is, well i reckon, let it be a secret first! wait till i get it then i can tell ya all about it okie!

i think it's time for me to go to bed now since it's 1:30 am. not that kind of sleepy but i just have to sleep.. otherwise nnt Rai terjaga lak.. gud nite everybody!

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