Apr 18, 2010

Bz.. bz.. bz..

my oh my.. lama gile tak update blog.. nyway, been busy with the new job.. attending seminars.. last friday baru dpt masuk office. oh well back to square one.. i just love my new job!

Rai plak asyik melalak jek sejak kebelakangan ni.. but i'm so glad now! i'm happy everytime i came home, Rai will called me ibu.. she so not use to it b4.. but now, everytime i came home, she will smile n grab my hand. and the best thing is that, she says "luv u" words.. OMG! i can't believe it.. i use to teach her b4 but she refused to say it. and now alhamdulillah.. other than that, she's now able to count. even sometimes i found it hard to understand the words but everytime she got up on the stairs she will say "one, two, and four". and on and on and on. hehe.. so funny.. so cute..

so Rai, ibu luvs u so much!! all the hard work are for u 2.. trust me, we'll go thru it together. at that moment, it will never be a dream anymore.. that's my promise!

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