Sep 15, 2010

Meet my Mr. Blanco

Hari ni nak cite ape yer.. Emm.. oh well, sorry for not updating me blog. em.. dah seminggu raya baru laa nak update.. mls lak laa.. nyway, just to update the blog i decided to update about me new ride.. Meet me new bf.. Mr Blanco.. emmm... 

got it on Merdeka day 2010. emm.. kirenya kereta merdeka a.k.a. kerete raya laa kan..huhu.. after almost 4 moths of waiting.. thank god, i got it at last.. hehe.. oh well, photo was taken on the last day of puasa ( if im not mistaken la). oh yeah.. forgot to mention that the car in front of my Mr. Blanco is Akhil Hayy's.. perghh.. didn't realise it though. hehe.. perasan pun when the time we all done with after buka posa.. He is damn gorgeous i should say la kan.. no wonder laa Waheeda sanggup berpurdah. and he's so gentleman. aku pun sanggup berpurdah kalau jadi bini dia.. hehehe..

ok, enuff with Akhil hayy and let us get back to the story then.. Why Mr. Blanco? Blanco means white in spanish (if im not mistaken too la). well since the car is kindda white (though is not that white), then i decided to name it Mr. Blanco.. huhu.. emm.. till now, everything went smooth with him. he has been a good rider to me and for our family too.. 

Oh well.. i was hoping that everything will be OK after this.. pas ni tak payah laa kami sekeluarga pegi jln2 smpai nak kena drive 2 bijik kereta.. fuhh.. save budget!!! 

OK geng. i will updates with the latest post of raya next.. (soon, hopefully la.. hehe) k laa.. till this moment i just can't forget how gorgeous he look like went he smile at us.. perghh.. OK OK.. enuff with it.. hehhe.. till i see u when i see u ok! chowww..

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