Sep 28, 2014

Her first tooth fall out

Hmm.. Since i haven't test posting anything from me mobile, and this will be the first post using my mobile.. Nyway, just wanna let u guyz know that on the last 24th September was Raieysah first tooth fall out.. My oh my.. I was the one that was so excited abt it.. Hehe.. Oh well what to do, she's the only one i've got.. Watching her growing makes me wonder how time flies.. Soon she'll be in std 1.. 6 year after that she'll be in secondary school in sha Allah.. I hope to be given the opportunity to breath so i could watch her growing.. Hmm.. Without wasting much time, below is the fall out tooth that i meant before.. Hehe.. Nway, hope it works posting this story using mobile.. Take care fellas.. See u when i see u..

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