Apr 11, 2015

Our new faces.. 😊

Hmm.. Yepp it's been such a long time i didnt blog.. Oh well.. As usual, im pretty much bz with life. Rai is now std 1 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara. Hmm.. Since i am now waiting for Rai to finish her reading class in Taman Melawati, then i just might as well update the blog. Though its not a good story to be share off but just wanna let people know that im happy.. Me n Rai happy with his presence in our life.. Tq Ayah, u've made our day from dull to full of colours.. Huhu.. Nway, below is their picture taken senyap2 by me.. Hehe me luving the pic.. I luv u yang.. Tq for everything. Though if its still wasnt meant to be together, im glad knowing u.. Oh yea.. This his Rai's new Ayah..

Opss.. Its a bit hidden though but this picture means a lot for me.. Knowing him as a friend as a love and as a father figure to Rai, makes me so in luv with this guy. He never take any advantages on me just like others did (others just want to be with me not with Rai).. Huhu.. Oh well, i think i better stop writing coz my food is waiting to be eaten.. Hehe.. Last but not least, this is us.. The recent picture of us..

Hopefully this will never be the last post from us.. If i do got more time, in sha Allah, i'll update it from time to time.. Wassalam.. Till me meet again fellas.. 😘



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