Well, there was one time before people was like talking about blog. Even there was a friend of mine was asking me whether i have a blog or not. and of course i would say no that time as i really don't have a blog. Discovering what blog is all about, i created one for myself which i named it hunnygee. 

Why is it hunnygee? Obviously hunny came from my real name "Hani" and gee comes from the name which people use to call me all the time. Anyway, To make it short, i got addicted to blog! Just right after few post, i did it all over again. Ermm.. It seems interesting though. I use to write a diary of my life before. but to keep it secret, it's pretty damn hard. so what i do now? i'll publish it through me blog! there you go! i've made it public so that i can share though it's not much but at least a pretty much about what i did, done and what i want in my life. Well, lets move on to the next steps.

Basically my name is Aezi, the official writer for this blog of course. :-) Single in da sense of i'm a single mother.. with a beautiful daughter named Raieysah. I'm the eldest of four. Living and working in KL. what else should i say here. Gone crazy with Sophie Kinsella's collections and blog is my new hobby. Well, i reckon, that's pretty much about myself then! i hope you enjoy reading me blog.. Cheers..

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